How to benefit from a rainy day…

Today I once again made the experience that, contrary to expectations, the best moments come to you if you least expect them.

In advance it is to say that I’m having a hard time at the moment, or, to say it with the words of John Green in TFIOS (for more information on the book and the author read the blog of impossiblegirl123 via ): I’m on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend. Nevertheless I decided to have lunch with my parents today to get a bit out of my room and profit of human interaction. There, I had a quite good meal but nothing extraordinary. When my father then proposed to drive out to the field and harvest some strawberries i was like “It’s raining outside. Why the hell shall I go and…ok let’s go!” Mud-shoes were put on, we left for my fathers house half an hour outside of Vienna and got out on the field.

Harvesting strawberries is something everyone connects with a hot summer, children who need occupation during the long summer holidays, sweat and an occasional sunburn. But being out there in the nature, rain softly falling, your hands getting colder and colder, the grey sky, you in the midst of a green ocean of strawberry plants and a small wooden basket progressively filling up with this red colour spots as the only invigorating colour to see in a grey environment… an amazing experience. The smooth sound of the raindrops dripping on the leaves of the plants and the lack of any car-originated city sounds (or people in general) then was the final touch which allowed me to completely ease off.

Although it was just about half an hour, this gave me the energy I needed to get back to work at home, knowing that the fruit of my labor is now safely stored in my fridge, waiting to serve as a extraordinary breakfast for the next whole week!Image

Großebersdorf nearby Vienna, May 29, 2014


  1. First off, thanks for linking my post here 🙂 and second, I never would have connected a day like this with picking strawberries, but you sure made it sound like one heck of a fine day! Great description!

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